Cougar Cup Spring 2024 is April 13th, 2024! 

 Every Semester, Robotics@UH Hosts a Competition in collaboration with High Adrenaline Combat Robotics to host the Cougar Cup for Combat Robotics. We do this to promote combat robotics on our campus, collaborate with Comet Robotics at UT Dallas, Experimental Division at UT Austin, Rice Robotics, and TAMU Robomasters, and bring local high school, middle schools, and and work to make sure everyone can have fun and engage with their community,


The Tournament for Spring 2024 is going to be held on April 13th, 2024, from 9AM-8PM! We would be grateful if you volunteered to assist with our competition.

Previous Tournaments - 

2nd Cougar Cup - 

Saturday, Oct 28 2023:  

- On Youtube at 
- On RCE: 

First Biannual Combat Robotics Cup - 

Saturday, March 18th, 2023: 

On Youtube at 

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